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enLIGHTened equipment custom quilt

below Whitney in Helium enLIGHTened custom 2enLIGHTened equipment custom quilt

New custom made quilt for 9 year old thru-hiker

After hiking the JMT with our 9 year old we decided to make a few gear adjustments as one might expect. She slept in an adult Marmot Helium while we shared a Westen Mountaineering Badger. Both were good options, utilized gear we already had, and kept us plenty warm. We figure for the three of us our sleeping bag weight was about 4.5 Lbl, more or less. Unfortunately we saved weight on crappy worn out z-rests. This year (Tahoe to Yosemite PCT section) we would like to be at least as warm, more comfortable and perhaps save some weight. I contacted enLIGHTened equipment about some possibilities. First, could he replicate my Badger in size and fill with no hood (we wear hats) and no zipper. After a little back and forth, the answer was yes! We now have a 28 oz two person quilt which, while not quite as warm as the Badger (20 as opposed to 15 degree) should be perfect. I have been sleeping in it all winter and its amazing!
My next question. Might he be willing to make a custom quilt for a tough little 9 year old. Again, the answer was yes! In fact he offered to supply it to her for free if we gave him feedback. His rationale was that he needed to beta test a new model anyway. He is basically just a rad dude and willing to see that a 9 year old thru-hiker is a unique person. It weighs exactly 16 oz, is an easy 20 degree quilt and she loves it. It has spent the winter cloistered in a thick canvas sack protecting it from the cats but is getting ready to undergo some testing. The workmanship is impeccable. I believe it is filled with water resistant 800-900 fill down. The fabric crazy light, .8 oz or something. We are more into using gear than nerding out about a few oz. (I’m lying). Anyway, the quilt is great and a huge thank you to enLIGHTened equipment for being the only company to fully develop kid specific ultra light gear. I can’t say enough about the company and the gear.