Walking with the older, walking with the younger

My mom came with us to the cabin of our dear friends. I have written quite a bit about bringing kids backpacking, but less about being integrated with those who are older and less, rather than more, nimble. As we sat around the outdoor table after dinner, the Yuba River running almost silent feet away, we decided to take an evening walk to the Union Pacific tracks, a mile away and four hundred feet up. Mom was reluctant but agreed and we hiked slowly from dawn to dark, past an old pioneer grave, reaching the tracks to the cheers of the younger members of our group. While her feet hurt and we had to walk slowly, it was worth it to go out together, to walk slowly, shining the flashlight against the rough road to illuminate the way. We were tired upon our return, a short two mile venture a tiny speck compared to the 230 miles we had just completed. But, no less beautiful.

Walk with those slower, faster, weaker and stronger. It feels good.



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