I don’t usually talk about my work here, which is that of a professor of nursing. Right now I’m spending some time thinking about how the meta-paradigm of nursing and ecological fitness overlap and speak to one another.

Ecological fitness can be found here.

Meta-paradigm. Well, simply stated, nursing is a discipline which privileges the person-hood in a caring manner. The domains which are often considered a priority are; person, environment, health, nursing.

So, thinking of about this upcoming hike. I’m nursing me, my family, my community and the environment itself, which is us and it

Who is this person, what is the environment he finds himself in (internally and externally)

what is his health, what might it be if he forgoes this hike, and what if he sets off? Nursing here becomes the act of caring for myself.

to my family, my students, to our patients, we owe this type of act.

I made the painting, its Floflo

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